Brentwood Academy

Forward, Together.

The Board of Trustees acts collectively as stewards of the school’s direction, and periodically reviews and refines the strategic issues and opportunities that advance the mission and ministry of Brentwood Academy. Along with the general programs and operation of the Academy, the Board has directed a sustained focus in a number of strategic priorities. This focus has resulted in significant growth and progress in each arena, and continues to strengthen our ability to nurture and challenge each whole person – body, mind, and spirit – to the glory of God.

Strategic Priorities

Provide each student a total experience that cultivates personal gifts and talents, develops confidence and initiative, encourages relationships within the BA community, and promotes a personal relationship with Christ


Identify, select, and develop the finest possible faculty


Provide for diversity that reflects the body of Christ


Establish financial stability through good stewardship and effective invitation


Actively cultivate the use of best practices in and out of the classroom


Maximize the benefits from effective use of technology


Communicate the mission effectively internally and externally